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The 401 Modular Design Single cartridge is an exclusive design manufactured by CHAMPION.

This design is a result of many years of seal engineering and plant operating experience by the CHAMPION engineering design team. Only field proven design features were good enough to be incorporated into the 401 seal. These successful design features are the secret of the SUPERIOR Perfomance of the Champion 401 seal. The Champion "Quality Assurance and Testing Program" guarantees the finest seal available any where.

  • Established in 1978.
  • Manufactured Replica Seal Parts.
  • Distributor for ANSI Cartridge Seals.
  • Champion Seal Line Developed 1986.
  • ANSI Cartridge Main Focus.
  • Mechanical Seal and Pump Seminars 1987.
  • Champion Single High Pressure Seal 1990.
  • Champion HP Tandem W/Dry II 1990
  • Champion HP CO2 Tandem 1997.



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